Japanese folding screen

japanese folding screen 2 crane away rebecca howson
japanese folding screen 5 crane away rebecca howson
japanese folding screen 1 crane away rebecca howson

This screen is the output of a ten-week assessed project at the University of the Creative Arts Canterbury. The theme is 物の哀れ (mono no aware) which in English translates to ‘transient beauty’ or ‘fading beauty’. In Japanese culture, cherry blossoms are a prominent motif for transience and therefore, feature heavily in the final product. I was also influenced by modernist forms which is how the overall ‘wave’ shape developed. The final design is a private space which can be used for self-reflection and relaxation.

Materials used:

  • Pine

  • Paper

  • Perspex


  • Woodworking


  • Papermaking

For research, design process and other information about this project see my Presentation Booklet below or download it here.